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Staff picks for Christmas

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

My staff know my stock nearly as well as I do so I asked Angela (of Angela Gillen Art) which items she recommends and here is her response.

First up is the Aran design mug. 2 shades of green and the traditional cream. I absolutely love these mugs. Best of all, Belinda allowed me to pick them for the shop and they've been a best seller so it's a win win! 😁. I own 2 and will be buying another 2 or 3 for Christmas presents. [Shop note: These aren't online yet but if you contact me I can easily arrange to ship them to you].

Next up...these socks. I love a pair of cheerful socks. Plain ones are so boring! My favourite colour is the salmon in the middle but my favourite designs are the traditional Cottage and of course Fungie from Dingle (RIP Fungie 🐬🥺) but I suppose I could say it was Finn the dolphin from Carlingford Lough 😁

Next, Lasair Candles...any of them really, because they all smell soooo good! My ultimate favourite though is Rhubarb & Plum - every single time I smell it my mouth waters and I'm a little girl in my local sweetshop asking for "a quarter of rhubarb and custard please" - the fabulous boiled sweets that kids don't buy any more 😄. It also reminds me of my wee mummy's rhubarb crumble and jam that she used to make ❤️. I'll always remember her showing us the empty pot she'd cooked it was gleaming! And then she'd tell us how it "does that to your insides too". I never understood what she meant at the time 😂. The Irish Fire candle is THE ultimate scent of turf. Brings me right back to Donegal on my childhood holidays. These lovely natural wax candles (made here in The Mournes) are little memories in a lovely glass jar with, as you may have noticed, a very shiny metal lid! 😂

Thanks Angela. Do you agree with her? Which are your top few picks from Good Craic? I'd love to hear from you.

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