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Need stocking fillers?

Good Craic is well known to all the local kids as the place to come with their pocket money. I guess I'm just a big kid at heart and I love shopping around to find unusual and fun things. A few of these ideas are even locally made! If you need stocking fillers in 2020 then here is a great place to start! Many of these make great gifts for big kids like me too. There are more ideas in my webshop.

Flying Snowball New to Good Craic I could not resist these cute snowballs. They come with a loop of elastic which enables you to slingshot them. They are a lightweight foam ball so no one gets hurt. Only £1 each. Cheap and cheerful and perfect for the Christmas stocking. Buy them here.

Sling shot unicorns are a super fun toy for kids or adults. Simply put your finger in it's head, point and shoot. Sticks to walls and ceilings. If it looses stickiness just wash in warm soapy water. So much fun for kids of all ages. And it's a twin pack! So twice as much fun for everyone. Just £2.50 and available here.

Alien slingshot What could be more fun than toys that you shoot across the room? As you may be starting to realise I’m a fan! This is different again as each pack comes with a small plastic slingshot and two little aliens. Just fit their hands into the slingshot, pull back, point and shoot. If aliens get covered in dust just wash in warm soapy water and they’ll be good to go again. Only £2 from here.

Make Your Own Slime You can choose green, blue or red (or get them all!). Each packet makes 4 litres of slime. Skin safe. Stain free. Easy Clean. Drain safe. Ages 3+. This looks like so much fun. Definitely an awesome stocking filler. Just £1.50 here

Cable bite Want to add the cute factor to your charging cord? These may offer a little protection but I make no guarantees. But they are seriously cute!!!! Also if you have a bunch of different cords these might help you know which is which. I have a selection available. I've made my best guess as to what animal each one is but I suggest you go by the photo rather than my description. Tiger, blue mouse, hedgehog, blue elephant, brown dog, blue shark and spotted shark. On special until Christmas so now only £2.50 each here.

Grow your own 4 leaf clover. As a kid I spent many pleasurable hours sitting in the grass looking for four-leaf clovers. This is a bit of a cheat but no less exciting! Takes a little care, some watering and a little patience but that should be rewarded with your very own little patch of 3 leaf clovers! £2.50 here.

Pocket pebble Ballybrick Pocket Pebbles are a really fun little gift. Kids love them. Adults love them. Frances from Ballybrick has incorporated original designs into small glass squares. Like a lucky stone but classy. Loads of different pictures to choose from. Another win from our Irish artists. There are also a few cool teacher gift designs available. Hand made in Northern Ireland and only £3 here.

Green sheep- cousin of Belle, the Good Craic mascot this super cute green Irish sheep is very soft and snuggley. Complete with stripey leg warmers it is bound to bring a smile to your face. Approximately 25cm from head to toe. Wonderful gift from Ireland. £7.50 each here.

Fairy door – each of these doors are handmade and come in a variety of shapes and colours. There are arch shaped one here, round ones here, small ones here and long thin ones here. Each one made from resin hand poured into mould by Edwina Fairy Doors based up in Newtownabbey.

Scratch Magic contains 2 rainbow scratch sheets, 1 stencil and 1 wooden scratch tool. It provides a great opportunity to be creative and have some fun. If your child likes to draw I'd say they'll really enjoy this. Might even give you a few quiet moments in the house. Only £2 here.

Magnetic fidget ring toy One of the hottest new toys this season. These magnetic rings are surprisingly satisfying to play with. There are tricks to learn, games to play and fidgeting to be done. Stress relief on the cheap. £3 per pack here.

Jumping Clay is a fantastic business which runs workshops teaching kids to use air dry clay to make super cute little models. Unfortunately the pandemic has put a real crimp in their business so they have put together kits for you to make at home. Each comes with all the instructions needed and the boxed sets even have a QR code taking you to an instructional video. Kits are £7 for goat or donkey available here or £4 for Olly the Octopus here.

Dinosaur balloon ball- My nephew loved these when he was younger. It is a tough rubber dinosaur that you inflate using the small straw provided. It turns into a large ball that has tiny wings and/or legs. It's so funny. What kid doesn't enjoy playing with a balloon and this is an extra fun balloon. Comes in several colours and designs. One will be selected for you at random. They inflate to about 25cm.

£2 here.

I am Connor. This lovely little book was written by Connor and his dad. Connor has Down Syndrome and wanted other kids to know that he is just like them. His family is from Rostrevor, Co Down although he currently lives in the USA. £9.50 from here.

Another beautiful local book is the Birds' Song Book. It is a tongue in cheek parody about the crisis of refugees/immigration around the world in a language that children can understand. It is a story in a song in a book. Aimed at children aged from 5 -7 years old and covering themes of diversity and culture. Written by Tom McFarland with music by Fil Campbell and illustrations by Colum McEvoy. Only $6 from here.

While we're on the theme of birds I also have a fun new local products. Small tins of premium mix bird food designed to draw a variety of local bird to your backyard. The tins are refillable. Made in Co Down by Gibbons and Jack. £3.99 here.

Hopefully those ideas have given you some inspiration. Good Craic is chock full of fabulous gifts for all ages. Pop by and check it out. Happy Christmas planning to you all! What a year we've had. I think we all need a little fun!!!

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