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Lockdown Blues

Are you experiencing the lockdown blues? (Anyone written the song yet??) This extended lockdown feels harder doesn’t it? Last March it felt like a bit of an adventure. There was glorious sunshine and it was a bit of a novelty. But almost a year later we’re back in lockdown with all non-essential shops closed again. Restaurants, cafes, hairdresser etc have hardly been open all year! It’s cold. It’s rainy most days. To be honest I’ve done pretty much nothing since Christmas. It all felt too hard. Can anyone relate? Most of us are just in survival mode. And do you know what? That’s ok! It’s ok to not be ok. This is hard. But we will get there. My optimism is still there. My energy is returning. I’m beginning to dream again and make plans for Good Craic in 2021. This blog post is part of my strategy.

One of my friends has declared this to be Fabuary. The rule is that everyday this month you have to do something that makes you smile. Go on. It will be good for us! I went for a wander the other evening and smiled at how beautiful the Fairy Glen is in the moonlight.

My strategy is to get myself unstuck one day at a time by setting small, achievable goals. I’m going to break down my massive to do list into tiny bite size chunks. Today my only goal is to write a blog post. If you are actually reading this then I won! I did it. It’s game on.

I’m thinking of you today. I wish you hope and joy. I look forward to all the banter in the shop once more when it is safe. For now you can still buy fabulous local gifts through the Good Craic website (shop local from the comfort of your own couch) and if you’re local we can arrange delivery or meet up somewhere. For now you can be nice to yourself. Stay safe and I’ll see you soon. We’re going to be ok!

PS This might not be the best blogpost I've ever written. I haven't tried to work in any of my keywords- Mournes, Irish Gifts etc etc but I'm posting it anyway. Feels like a win to me.

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