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Fathers day reflections

This is my dad.

And yes, that is baby me with my big sister on his lap. Dad passed away in 2008. He never came to Rostrevor or got to see Good Craic. But he would have loved it here. He would have loved the music and scenery. He would have loved the pubs and the music and driving through the Mournes. I know he would be very proud of the shop. When I finished school he told me that he thought I'd be good at business. It took me a long time to acknowledge that he might have a point. Twenty three years later I opened Good Craic Gifts and it turns out I love it. Who knew? Apparently dad did.

As you can see he was a big man. He is why I choose to stock t-shirts and hoodies in 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. I really believe that everyone should be able to buy a souvenir t-shirt if they want one!! I can't get all the same colours in the bigger sizes but I have a good range of colours and designs. So if you are bigger or someone you love is I'd love to help you find which of my unique designs would best suit you.

And if you are wondering what do do with your life? ..... maybe your parents know more than you think.

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