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Do you need help relaxing?

Do you feel as though your stress levels have been on high alert since lock down hit in March? Are you struggling to relax? I have a suggestion. It is a bit wild, well outside my comfort zone yet wildly relaxing and luxurious.

Seaweed. More precisely the Soak Seaweed Baths in Newcastle.

I discovered SOAK when I was researching the Good Craic Guide (if you want a copy sign up for a free e-copy here or pop into Good Craic Gifts in Rostrevorto collect one). I compiled a guide of the 40+ best things to do when visiting the Mournes. And SOAK is one of them!

When you arrive you are presented with a menu but instead of ordering food you get to select the music that you’d like piped into your bathroom. Yep. You have your own bathroom with your own little sauna and your choice of music.

As directed I started by steaming for 10 minutes. I love a good sauna so am sure I stayed in longer than that. Mine was similar to a regular shower but had a roof to keep the steam in. I loved it. I wonder if you can get them installed at home…. Some bathrooms have really interesting Victorian steam boxes which you sit in with just your head sticking out. Fascinating!

Then the bath. A regular bath filled with steaming hot water and loads of seaweed. I’m not going to lie. It is disconcerting. Sitting on the bath, feet in the water, I wondered whether I really wanted to immerse myself in it. It was slightly surreal but once I was in it was grand. Water was viscous. The oils from the seaweed drawn out by the warm sea water and if you’re like me half the fun is popping the pods and letting whatever ever is in them squirt out. Adds definite therapeutic value.

There are sciencey reasons that seaweed bathes are good for you. My dad always swore by good ocean swim to sort out any manner of ailments and this way at least the water is warm! I'll let them educate you further though. See the poster in the picture above. See below for my seaweed induced relaxed face.

Rinse off with a cool shower (well, that’s what is suggested. I kept my shower quite warm!) and voila. New levels of relaxation achieved. It’s very reasonable too coming in at about £25 for an hour or so.

As we were about to leave Steve, the guy who was working, suggested we follow him to meet their secret weapon. I jokingly asked if he meant the coffee machine. Turns out it was actually a massage bed. Not just a massage bed but one with high power water jets inside. You lie on it fully clothed while the jets work up and down your body. It is only £10 for 20 minutes and oh my, worth every single penny!! You can control the intensity of the spray. You can pause it when it hits that particular part of your back. I’ve never seen anything like it but I’m keen to get back for a full length session soon.

SOAK Seaweed Baths are currently only open Friday, Saturday and Monday. So book yourself in a give it a go. They do vouchers too and this would make a really, really great gift!! Good Craic Gifts gives it two thumbs up so you know it's worth a try.

SOAK Contact Details

Ph: 028 4372 6002


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