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Rockclimbing?? Me??!!

Recently I did something I thought I’d never do. I tried rock climbing.

Now let’s be honest. I’m closer to 50 than 40 and carrying more than a few extra kilos. I contacted James at Geology Rock Adventure Tourism to arrange a session for some friends who were visiting. The plan was to drop them off and head home for a little downtime after a busy week.

My friends were taking a few minutes to get ready so I hopped out of the car to banter with James. He kept suggesting that I might want to give it a go. I was fairly sure I didn’t. I had another friend with me who had also decided not to climb. I’m not exactly sure what happened but James was apparently very convincing because the next thing I knew Christina had jumped out of the car, put on a helmet and harness and was all sassy insisting I take her picture. I knew then that I was in trouble. If she tried I was going to have to. Help!

James was relentlessly encouraging. He is very good at his job. I felt completely safe. He convinced me that he could manage my safety ropes despite my weighing about twice his weight. He got me believing that just maybe I could actually do it. So I did! He talked me through it step by step. I only managed to get about ¾ of the way up but it felt like I’d conquered the world! Seriously. It was such a buzz to do something that I really didn’t think I could. All my friends all made it to the top and the 15 year old stayed on and conquered all the levels including the hardest one. We each left buzzing about our accomplishments regardless of whether that was just giving it a go or conquering the heights. Just between you and me I’m even ready to try it again soon! Added bonus that the view of the Mournes was spectacular!

I can’t recommend James more highly. He made us feel safe and taught us what we needed to know. He genuinely believes you can do it and you know what? You can! I did.

Give him a shout and set up a session for you and your friends soon.

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