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Christmas Gift ideas

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

With only 6 weeks til Christmas I thought you might like a sneak peek at some of the very cool (and reasonably priced) gifts I've got here in Good Craic. Some of them are for sale on the website but others only in the shop so pop in for a browse or send me a message if you need me to post something. I may do a few other more themed posts but these suggestions are just a random selection of my new favourites.

Firstly, as always I have created a stunning calendar of the Mournes. Alas I ordered it far too late and the printer has long lead times but it should be available in the shop by the end of November and orders can be placed now if you want. I will send them asap or advise you when they are ready to collect. £6.50 each with £1 from each going to support the work of Mourne Mountain Rescue who do a wonderful job. The calendar this year is a collaboration with Mac Creative Photography. Many thanks to him for the use of his work.

This year I also created a special Craicing Christmas t-shirt. It was designed as a gift for my family in Australia but was so cool I printed some extras for you to gift as well. £12 each and available in a range of sizes but stock is limited as there is no time to place another order before Christmas.

I had these last year and they were very popular so once again I have the Get up & Go Diaries. They are inspirational and motivational. I have the Irish one and one for busy women. This year they also have a Daily Guide to Health, Wellbeing and Happiness. The 2023 diaries are £10 and the Daily Guide £12.95.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE fun socks!! I nearly always have a mismatched pair on. I couldn't resist getting a wide range of these gorgeous, colorful socks from Sock Coop celebrating this fabulous country that I now call home. £9.95 per pair. These are already proving to be a very popular gift for Christmas 2022.

I love meeting artists and creators who are doing something completely different. One such business is Tickets Please who frame old railway tickets from around Ireland. It's a fascinating slice of history with many familiar place names in stock. Frames with one ticket are £18 and those with 4 tickets (as pictured) are £38.

Another is Flickering Cuppa Candles who use old tea cups to create gorgeous candles in a range of scents. Each one is beautifully presented with a wee corked glass bottle of matches and a teaspoon. Each candle is made in memory of her late mother who had a collection of good china that was her pride and joy. They are made using soy wax. If you have a precious cup of your own she can also transform that into a candle for you. This picture doesn't come close to doing justice to these candles so please do come and take a look!

It's almost home time so I need to wrap this up but Good Craic also has a exceptionally good range of cheap and cheerful stocking stuffers, many for less than £2.50. I like to buy stuff that you don't see in every shop. Flying snowballs, rainbow slugs you can fidget with, slingshot dinosaurs and fidget toys are just a few of the groovy options in stock. I'd be more than happy to offer suggestions if you come in for a chat.

I also think that experiences make a wonderful gift. If you need ideas come talk to me. My Good Craic Guide is full of fabulous local companies offering a wide range of experiences and many of them will happily sell you a voucher. I love giving the right gift to the right person. I hope you find joy in the coming weeks as you reflect on the people that you love and find just the right gift for them.

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