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A day in the life of a shop owner [aka behind the scenes in Good Craic gifts]

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

People often make suggestions for what I should do with all my ‘free time’ when I’m in the shop. Trust me: there is little enough of that! No two days are the same but it wasn’t until I had a friend stay last year who asked ‘How was your day?’ when I got home that I realised how ridiculous it can be. There is no such thing as a typical day but here is one I took notes of recently. Definitely not one of the craziest either!

I arrived at 10am where there was a tradesman here waiting to measure my windows and provide a quote for some work that I need to have done. Turns out he’d lived in Australia so we had a good chat while he did what he had to do.

Once he left I got a chance to open up properly-put the flag out across the road, the signs on the door and turn on all the lights. Then I sat down to eat my bagel (brought from home) and drink my coffee.

First customer of the day in to buy a bunch of cards. Apologising for interrupting my morning tea which I confessed was actually my breakfast. Again a bit of a chat.

Opened my computer and thought I’d continue work on my 2021 calendar which I started months ago but never finished as there was no money to print it at that time. Noticed the big pile of jewellery on the desk beside me which was delivered by an artist the day before. Wondered if I should sort that out first. I need to take pictures of some her other stock for my website so considered that too but settled on sorting the jewellery display for starters.

Another customer or two most looking for greeting cards. [I should point out that here that I have a really great range of cards, all Irish made so if you need a card for a special occasion come and see me!] I realised that there were a few gaps on the shelf so decided I’d better restock from the box out the back. As I did so I decided it was time to order more cards from one of the makers. Email her to see if she can send a new catalogue as I’ve misplaced the old one.

Start dreaming about a new business idea I’ve had. Write list of things to consider. Do a little research online to see if it is even feasible. Start a spreadsheet to test cost of idea. At the beginning of every good idea is a spreadsheet right?

I recently joined an awesome facebook group for business networking in Northern Ireland. Decided to test my idea there to get some feedback on the timing of starting a new venture right now.

Artist popped by as I’d sold one of their pieces a few days ago. I paid them in cash which they then spent in the shop. Win/win! Since they are also a friend I ended up bouncing a few ideas around and testing my new business idea with them. They were super encouraging.

An Indian couple wandered in wondering if Rostrevor here had any connection to a place of the same name near their home in India. I agreed to check with local historians and let them know. They bought some lovely gifts for friends.

Spend some time interacting on facebook with the responses from the business networking group in between various customers.

Postman arrives with a package of new stock I ordered. I open it and flick through but more customers come in so it sits on my desk, adding to the chaos of the many half done jobs.

Realise that I’ve been meaning to write a blog about a typical day in the shop (as if there is any such thing!) and decide today would be a fun one to document. Start jotting down all the comings and goings.

Someone is in looking for two of the gorgeous enamel Mourne mugs that I stock. Was disappointed that I didn’t have two different versions. I was surprised that there was another version but they assured me that they’d bought two different ones in the past. After customer left I checked with the artist. There isn’t. Not for our area anyway. There is a Giant’s Causeway version which probably explains it. We were both right.

Phone call from artist where we discussed recent orders, future ideas etc.

Late closing up but it’s raining and I didn’t bring a jacket as it was so lovely when I came to work this morning, so I sit back at desk. Decide to price the cards that arrived earlier. A couple of kids come into browse. Once they leave I finally finish closing the till. Bring in the flag, lights off. Door locked. Head home to put dinner on then open laptop to do a little work while I watch TV.

When did you suggest I study?

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