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Artist Profile- Corinne

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Corinne was one of the very first artists to join the Good Craic team. Her wonderful range of recycled cutlery jewellery caught my eye at a local craft fair and when I contacted her she was very happy to provide stock for the shop. She even made me a range of bespoke hooks out of forks to help give the shop a quirky touch. Corinne loves recycling. That seems to be her sweet spot- reinventing everyday items into beautiful works of art or jewellery. She loves being outdoors with family or friends and suspects that is why she is so often inspired to make animals.

The lock down has had a massive impact on her. Most weekends she has a table up in the St Georges Market in Belfast. When that closed she didn’t just sit around hoping things would get better. She used the time to rebrand from Crafted by Corinne to Twisted Metal Works Studio. A new name, new logo and some awesome new creations.

She also purchased a sublimation printer and started a second company Mourne Print. She created a large range of celtic designs which she can now print on mugs, cushions, t-shirts and wall decals. A small range of these can be seen in Good Craic and orders can easily be placed directly or through me.

Corinne is one of the most adaptable business people I know. She is full of great ideas and very quick to pivot when it is needed. She quickly started to offer personalised gifts, printing people’s own designs onto whatever they fancied. She purchased a range of small hand sanitisers which have a clip to attach them to a bag and printed names on them so kids have a personalised sanitizer to take to school when they return. Good business is about meeting needs and Corinne is great at it. If you need a personalised mug or something give her a shout!

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I have loved her jewellery from the start! (I may even have bought a piece ... or two.)

Her new steampunk style looks good, too!

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