Two fabulous, easy to read and interesting history books for the kids. John Farrelly does a great job at making histroy accessible. Deadly Irish History. The Vikings or the Celts. Or buy both! Jam packed with information, cartoons and fascinating facts. Your kids won't even realise that they're learning. John is from just outside Newry which makes him a local author! Good Craic loves to support local whereever it can.



The Celts arrived in Ireland around 700BCE and dominated the bronze and iron ages. Even after Christianity, Irish Celts retained much of their unique culture. Accessible, anarchic and crammed to the rafters with cartoons and wacky illustrations, this book is as deadly as Irish history gets!



Nobody was more DEADLY than the Vikings who attacked Ireland in the 8th century: DEADLY! Viking warriors! DEADLY Viking ships! DEADLY Viking weapons! But were they really just marauding, murdering maniacs? Learn while you laugh with this irreverent and entertaining history book. 144 pages.

Deadly Irish History books