Wild About Soap is a fabulous company making fabulous products with minimal waste and no plastic packaging. They are located near Downpatrick, N Ireland. All products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Not tested on animals. Quality natural ingredients combined to make this lovely handcrafted organic body butter.  Rich and luxurious made with unrefined shea butter, coconut and cocoa butter infused with herbs, petals, seeds and roots. These pure moisturising creams sink into skin quickly with rich mixes of essential oils for natural scent.  


Ocean Deep: Infused with bladderwrack seaweed, scented with invigorating Peppermint which helps with respiratory problems and insomnia, fever and aches.


Soft Rose:  Infused with rose petals and Rose Hip seed oil and Rose petal oil soothes, heal and moisturises skin and good for prevention of scar tissue. and scented with complimentary relaxing essential oils like Rose Geranium that reduces inflammation.


Chamomile: infused with gentle Chamomile flowers which is good for irritated dry skin. Simple recipe which is good for sensitive skin or anyone wishing to use an unscented product.


Orange Spice: infuse with home grown marigold petals which are anti-inflamatory. The essentials oils are vibrant in this one. The main scents picked up are Organic Sweet Orange oil which promotes collagen and Patchouli which is good for anti-depressant, anti-septic qualities


Body butter- Wild About Soap