A much loved quote for all ages, Ralph Waldo Emerson sums up life just beautifully. 'Be silly, be honest, be kind' wood sign - words to live by!  


Husband and wife team, Once Upon a Dandelion, have created this cute little wooden sign to remind of what is important in life. Measuring only 13 x 13cm it is a cute, simple, fun sign that is ideal for a gift and for posting.  Small and light, is both freestanding and ready to hang simply on a nail. It has been hand crafted in their wee studio in Castlewellan, Co Down.


Their wood signs are made by them using locally sourced wood that is responsibly forested.


Please note that due to the colour, nature and character of wood, every wood sign will look different.  They also mix their own paints and each colour is individually hand pulled, varying the finish of each, making it wonderfully unique

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind. Small wood sign